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If you have trouble focusing on objects or vision problems, dry eyes, excessive tearing, or any eye-related issue or problem, now is the right time to make an appointment and consult an Ophthalmologist/ Eye Specialist. But even if you aren’t having any eye discomfort, you still need regular eye checkups from time to time.

Lasik Surgery Cost in India

Lasik eye surgery is a standard procedure. Many people undergo a different form of treatment every year across India. It is a quick process that offers fast visual recovery. So, if you are finding a Lasik surgery hospital, then cost may be your primary concern

Specs Removal Surgery

There are certain options available for specs removal. And, each one has its own specialities. Also, you can know the best suitable option for yourself after a complete eye test. Besides, LASIK is one of the best specs removal surgery options presently

LASIK Surgery

Each eye has its unique characteristics just like a fingerprint. To customize the treatment according to the various characteristics of an eye, CustomVue Technology is best suited. to control and treat Myopia.

Dry Eyes Treatment

Work-from-home, increasing screen time and improper blinking lead to dry eyes. While artificial tears help temporarily, the non-invasive 12-minute session of Lipiflow can provide long-term relief. to control and treat Myopia

C3R for Keratoconus

Keratoconus, a corneal disorder in which the cornea loses its strength and becomes conical, is cured with C3R – an effective treatment used to cure or slow down the progression of Keratoconus.

Myopia Control

Myopia or near-sightedness is a condition where a person can see the object near him but faces difficulty in focusing on the object placed far from him/her. We offer the best treatments to control and treat Myopia.

Contact Lenses

Visual Aids Centre is an eminent LASIK surgery centre in Delhi NCR. We are one of the first vision correction centres in Delhi. Also, we have successfully performed more than 100,000 LASIK procedures (highest number by a single setup in India). Visual Aids Centre is committed to providing the latest technology in vision correction with a humane approach to all its patients.

Scleral Lenses

Scleral Contact Lens are Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) contact lenses that rest on the sclera of your eye. Scleral lenses are used to treat eye conditions like Myopia, Hyperopia, etc. this is a filler text. this is a filler text. this is a filler text. 

Low Vision Aids

Low Vision is a condition which can’t be treated with glasses, contact lenses or surgery. Low Vision Aids are devices that are particularly designed for people suffering from low vision. this is a filler text. this is. a filler text.

Lazy Eye Treatment

Lazy Eye or Amblyopia is described as reduced vision in one eye compared to the other.  There are rare forms of amblyopia that occur in both eyes.  Amblyopia is the most common cause of visual impairment among children.

About Us

Visual Aids Centre is one of the most prestigious LASIK surgery clinics in India. Our clinic is located in the heart of South Delhi on the main Ring Road. We have had the great fortune of performing over 1,00,000 successful LASIK procedures in the last 25 years which is the highest number of LASIK procedures to be performed by a single centre in India.

Our team comprises of world renowned Ophthalmologists and Optometrists who always strive to help you achieve the best possible vision. With our top-notch & latest equipment and procedure techniques, we promise you of no compromise in the quality of your treatment. We offer several services for different vision-related issues, some of them are:

Blade-Free Intralase LASIK

Visual Aids Centre was amongst the first premier centres to introduce the most advanced FDA approved LASIK procedure in India. Also known as FEMTO Laser, it is by far the most advanced procedure for treating myopia (near-sightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism.
If you are looking for a blade-free eye-surgery for correcting your eye number, FEMTO laser is the safest and most advanced procedure.

Individualized LASIK (Custom-Vue Technology)

Custom-Vue LASIK is one of the best methods used for refractive eye surgery. Custom-Vue LASIK has helped many people suffering from Myopia (Near-sightedness), Hyperopia (Far-sightedness), & Astigmatism in achieving perfectly normal vision. The LASIK surgery only takes 15 minutes on an average and your eyesight starts to recover almost immediately. For people suffering from distance-vision problems and want to get rid of their glasses & contact lenses, LASIK is one of the best option available nowadays.


Vipin Buckshey was awarded the Padmashree by the Government of India in the year 2000 which was the golden jubilee of the Republic of India.

Why Choose Us

Most Trusted Lasik Clinic

Professional & experienced staff for Pre & Post operative care.

Safe & Sanitized Environment

Your safety is our #1 priority. All surfaces are thoroughly sanitized at regular intervals.

State of the Art Equipment

FDA approved Equipment. Comfortable & Clean Premises With Ample Parking.



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