Is It OK To Rub Your Eyes After LASIK?

Table of Contents

  • What Are the Benefits of Not Rubbing My Eyes After LASIK?
  • Eye Rubbing After Lasik – Why Be Careful?
  • What Could Go Wrong If I Rub My Eyes?
  • More Tips For A Safe Lasik Recovery
  • Maintaining Healthy Results
  • Conclusion


Are you making plans for your LASIK technique and need to understand the way to make sure that your healing length is problem-free? If you’re like most human beings, you in all likelihood need to understand what to do — and what to avoid — for top-rated results, that is why many human beings are surprised how much of an impact rubbing your eyes will have for the duration of your healing. 

Today All the major major hospitals offering the best LASIK surgery in Delhi have modern surgical technologies that have enabled physicians to make considerably smaller incisions and precision generated corneal flaps (in the case of LASIK) that make scratching the eye a lot less of a risk than it used to be. However, for the first two weeks after either treatment, the patient should avoid rubbing or bumping the operated eye(s).

It is safe to gently wipe your eyes after this period, though it is always better to avoid eye rubbing if at all possible, whether you have had LASIK or not.


What Are the Benefits of Not Rubbing My Eyes After LASIK?

The surgeon uses a microkeratome to create a thin corneal flap during LASIK surgery. After that, the doctor raises the flap to reveal the underlying corneal tissue. The cornea is then reshaped with the excimer laser according to the correction needed to treat the patient’s eye. The flap is then repositioned to its original location by the surgeon.

Because the corneal flap takes time to heal, proper eye care is critical to the success of LASIK surgery. The doctor will give you a set of spectacles to shield your eyes from the outside world as well as from touching or rubbing them. Patients should take care of their eyes until they heal naturally, according to the doctor.


Eye Rubbing After Lasik – Why Be Careful?

Eye safety is vital right now because the flap made for your cornea at some stage in surgical operation is now closing (as a part of the body’s herbal recuperation method). Rubbing or touching the attention right now may want to motivate the flap to emerge as displaced, hindering the recuperation method and having a destructive impact on your vision. Though this difficulty is instead rare, it has to nonetheless be taken into consideration and averted through right after-surgical operation care methods.

So simply how lengthy do you have to keep away from rubbing your eyes after LASIK? As an excellent rule of thumb, you have to best position mild pressure (and not use a rubbing) at the eyes for the primary weeks post-op. After this time, and for multiple months, it’s far ok to softly rub your eyes.


What Could Go Wrong If I Rub My Eyes?

Rubbing your eyes can be extremely damaging to your health. The following are some of the dangers of scratching your eyes:

  1. Infection of the Eyes — Rubbing your eyes, especially with dirty hands, can cause infections such as the pink eye.
  2. Eye Injury – Having something in the eye is one of the most common reasons individuals touch their eyes. Rubbing your eyes is the most harmful approach to remove a foreign item from your eyes. If you do so, the particle may scratch your cornea, causing injury to your eye. The best technique to remove the foreign particle from the eye is to use eye drops.
  3. Dark Circles – Rubbing your eyes causes little blood vessels in your eyelids to break, resulting in dark circles.
  4. Keratoconus – Rubbing your eyes for an extended amount of time can cause the cornea to thin. This can also lead to recurrent eye infections and possibly keratoconus, a condition that causes vision distortion and a loss of visual acuity.
  5. Increased Eye Pressure – Rubbing your eyes might cause your eye pressure to rise. When patients quit rubbing their eyes, their eye pressure returns to normal. An increase in eye pressure can be more dangerous, even sight-threatening, for some persons with specific eye diseases.


More Tips For A Safe Lasik Recovery

What different methods are you able to make certain a secure healing with quality results? Here are a few matters to do, and a few matters now no longer to do, at some point of your healing period:


-Wear eye safety day and night time for the primary 3 days

-Rest the day of surgery

-Expect mild redness and eye infection for the primary few days

-Wear darkish sun shades that block UV rays whilst in sunlight

-Use synthetic tears to maintain eyes lubricated

-Keep your follow-up appointments together along with your doctor, to test your healing


-Drive for the primary 24 hours

-Read, watch TV or paintings on the pc for the primary 24 hours

-Exercise for one week

-Apply lotions, lotions or make-up in your eye vicinity for one week

-Use swimming pools or warm tubs for 2 weeks


Maintaining Healthy Results

If someone doesn’t listen well, they probably get a listening exam to discover what’s going on. Similarly, while someone doesn’t see well, they visit a watch physician to cope with their imaginative and prescient problem. The reality is, eye checks are recommended, even for those who see well. LASIK is an investment, so don’t keep away from destiny eye checks simply due to the fact you may see better.

Maintaining ocular fitness is essential, and eye checks are the exceptional manner to do it. Sometimes, even trendy fitness problems like diabetes are first identified in an ordinary eye exam, so eye checks are essential to your entire body. After LASIK, don’t say goodbye to your ordinary eye physician and preserve it together with your visits.



Because of advanced technology today, the risk of complications associated with LASIK surgery is significantly lower than it was a few years ago. Proper eye care is, nevertheless, necessary. You should wait at least 2-3 weeks before you completely become free from eye care. This is the amount of time it will take for your cornea to mend and return to normal. Also, for professional advice, you should call clinics and get information beforehand about the procedure, time, and Lasik cost.