Which Eye Surgery is Better- Lasik or Smile?

Table of Contents:

  • How Long Will It Take to Heal from a Lasik Surgery?
  • What Activities Do I Need to Avoid After a Lasik Vision Correction?
  • What is the Step-by-Step Procedure to a Lasik Surgery?
  • How Much Does It Hurt to Get a Lasik Surgery?


Choosing between two different kinds of treatment is not a matter of choice but what your conditions demand. While you may have heard a particular procedure a lot more than the others, that does not mean that they are not as popular. Only your doctor can decide what kind of treatment you need for your eyes, and they know your condition the best and can tell you what needs to be done to correct it. It would help if you only acted on proper medical advice from your consulting doctor and not hearsay.

To qualify for Lasik surgery, you need to have a thick cornea, keeping within a specific range. While this range will change according to the problems in your vision, Lasik will create a flap during the operation that will heal in some time. If the cornea is too thin, it will not be possible for the eye to heal well. Smile or PRK is opted for if the patient suffers from chronic dryness. One of the most significant symptoms of Lasik post-surgery is extremely dry eyes. Therefore, it depends on many factors of your eyes and vision.


How Long Will It Take To Heal from Lasik Surgery Fully?

The surgery, in itself, does not take too long to conduct. You will be accessible in an hour or so. However, it will take you a week to fully recover from the surgery. While your vision will be back in a few hours, there are many tasks that you will not be able to perform for a few days. This includes driving, swimming, or even cooking immediately after the surgery. You will have to make the appropriate arrangements for yourself. 

The immediate recovery will take 6 to 12 hours. However, you still have to stay away from electronics. Blue light is harmful to the recovery process. The entire process and symptoms are different for everyone. Your doctor will inform you of all the things you need to take care of. If there is any reason for concern, they are the first people you need to contact. The blurriness you will experience after Lasik surgery will last you for a few hours and settle down immediately. You will be called in for follow-up within the week or immediately after one week.  


What Activities Do I Need to Avoid After A Lasik Vision Correction?

Your vision will be so blurry and sensitive that you will not be able to drive yourself back home. It is best if someone after the surgery accompanies you. This will make the process for you a lot easier. You will also not be able to cook that day. So, you need to arrange for that as well. These are some basic arrangements you will need beforehand. The blue light from any electronics can be very harmful. It is best to wear a good quality pair of sunglasses when stepping out during the first week of Lasik. Direct sunlight will only irritate you.

Your eyes will go through a lot of changes. They are bound to show many symptoms and irritations as it is healing. You need to be patient in this process and follow all the guidelines with much care. The primary goal is to ensure that you recover and heal properly. You may have to take a few days off work. However, you need to keep the bigger picture in mind and decide what to do.  


What Is The Step-by-Step Procedure To A Lasik Surgery? 

The surgery is not time taking. You will also not feel anything. But what exactly happens in the surgery? The operation will create a flap in the cornea with the help of the Lasik machine. This is what will allow the cornea to be reshaped. The cornea is what determines the exactness of our vision. This part decides where the light will fall in the eye, creating a clear or blurry image. The procedure will last for about 10 minutes for each eye. Before the process begins, you will be given eye drops to numb the eyes. It will take some time for them to have an effect fully. This will help the doctor keep your eyes open and in place for the operation. Different kinds of manipulation will be done to the cornea, depending on the various conditions of your vision. Other than that, you will be kept back in an observation room for an hour.    


How Much Does It Hurt To Get A Lasik Surgery?

Since this is voluntary eye surgery, this is a pervasive fear that most people have. Like in any surgery, the area being operated on is numbed, or you are given local anaesthesia. For Lasik, you will be given numbing eye drops to ensure that you do not feel anything during the surgery. This will also help the doctor hold the eyes open and in the correct position at the time of surgery. You will know what is happening around you, but you will not feel any pain during the surgery. You may feel a gentle pushing in your eyes, but other than that, nothing. 

The surgery is quick and brief. You will only begin the procedure when the eye drops are in their full effect. If you have any questions, you should ask your doctor during the consultation or before the surgery.