Is Lasik Eye Surgery Safe?

Table of Contents

  • Is Eye Lasik Surgery Safe?
  • Is Lasik The Right Decision For You?
  • What Steps Should You Follow Before the Surgery?
  • What Happens During the Lasik Eye Procedure?
  • Why are the Procedures Not the Same for All?


While Lasik surgery has been cleared as a safe procedure many decades ago, there is still a lot of misinformation about it. It is important that you take your advice from a medical professional before making any decisions regarding your health. You also have to look at the success rate and efficiency of the procedure that is being carried out. The way this surgery has evolved people’s lives for the better is the reason why it is so popular among everyone. It is time-efficient and has a very short recovery time. This is why it has gained so much popularity. Patients and doctors have received the results they had anticipated going forward with the surgery. 

It is necessary for you to see the overall costs for the procedure and the clinic where you are getting the procedure done. It is important that you are comfortable and feel confident with the staff there. This is for your peace of mind that you are in the right hands and will be well looked after. It is important that you go to experienced and certified doctors only. Any medical procedure is not something you can be casual about. This is why it is important that you choose the clinic you want to get your Lasik surgery done at. 

Therefore, it is definitely a safe procedure for you to get done. The kind of doctor and clinic you go to definitely matters. Even the costs of Lasik surgery in Delhi may differ but it will not create a very significant difference in the overall costs. 


Is Lasik The Right Decision For You? 

It can be exhausting wearing spectacles 24×7. Not having any clear vision without spectacles or lenses can be hampering your life in many ways because you always have to depend on them just to see clearly. Not to mention the added expense of getting tested in a timely manner. If there is too much stress or significant change in your lifestyle, it will have a direct impact on your vision. This too can be very annoying to follow up with again and again. This is one of the primary reasons why people opt for this procedure. It is a corrective procedure that will change the refraction of your eyes in order to ensure you get the best vision. 

More importantly, the most obvious side effects will be communicated to you by your doctors. One of them is dry eyes. To ensure that it is not an extreme case and you are not uncomfortable, you have to drink a lot of water. This is the assured way of getting rid of that problem. It depends on the type of procedure you get that will determine the complete healing period for you. However, it is a permanent solution. In extreme cases only will you have to come back for a follow up in a few months’ time. This can only be determined by your doctor when you go for a follow up after the procedure has been completed.  

However, you should definitely go and speak to a doctor on how you should proceed forward before you take any decision on the procedure. An actual physical examination of the doctor is far better than any advice because they will be able to give you the best possible advice. Try to go to them with the last reading of your number. 


What Steps Should You Follow Before the Surgery?

You can look into certain eligibility criteria for the procedure yourself before you go to the doctor’s clinic. Even though the final decision will be taken by the doctor in the clinic, after running some tests. It will give you a good idea as to your eligibility for the procedure. The first eligibility criterion is the number you have. This cannot be the number you wear for your lenses as they are an estimate and not exact. It is important that you get an eye test and then go in with the most recent reading of your number. Even the slightest change in your reading will have an impact on the procedure. This is because the doctor will first take a mapping of the shape and size of your cornea, which is directly impacted by your vision. It is this test and mapping that will determine whether you can get the surgery or not. 

The doctors will also see the thickness of the cornea. This will determine how well your eyes heal. If the cornea is too thin, it is not possible to get the procedure. There are many factors that contribute to the thinning of the cornea. Age and diverse eye conditions are some of the main contributors. If you have an extreme case of dry eyes, it will not be possible for you to get the procedure then also. If your number is beyond 8+ or 8-, it is only after you are tested will you have a definite answer on whether or not you can proceed with the procedure. 

These are just some basic parameters that doctors and medical staff look at. They may ask you to do some tests and many other questions. They will tell you all the things that you should and should not do before the surgery. 


What Happens During the Lasik Eye Procedure?

The procedure for Lasik does not look the same for all. Mostly because people have such diverse issues when it comes to their vision. Even cylindrical and spherical numbers make a difference in the shape of your cornea. This is essentially what the surgery does. If you have myopia (near-sightedness) that means distant objects are blurry to you but the objects closer will be clear. Hyperopia is when distant objects are clearer to you than the ones close to you. This is when you will need reading glasses as well. This is mostly because the letters are too minute for you to make out. Astigmatism is a mixture of both these problems and your vision is blurry overall. You will have to stop wearing your contact lenses up to two weeks before the procedure. If you are planning to get the eye check, tests, everything done at the same time, you have to stop wearing lenses for quite some time. 

Once you are all ready for the surgery, you will be given a numbing eye drop in the clinic or maybe even a mild sedative. The machine that is used for the procedure cuts the cornea at an angle. This is what will alter its shape and curvature. There are many ways of going about this. This is just one of the steps. It is important that you know exactly what will happen during the procedure. It may sound very daunting initially. However, you will get comfortable with the idea, considering the fact that it will hardly take you any time nor will you feel anything. 

It is important for you to understand that this is just one of the steps in the entire surgery. The exact steps can only be conveyed to you by your doctor and their staff. It is important for you to know everything that will be taking place, so you are ready for it. They understand that getting any procedure done can be a difficult decision. So, make sure that you ask them any and all doubts that you may have.    


Why are the Procedures Not the Same for All? 

Depending on the kind of issues you have in your eyes, the doctor will suggest a different kind of procedure for you. This is why no case is always the same. There may also be a difference in the machines actually used for the procedure as well. A recent reading of your number will help the doctors decide the course of action for you. Even a slight change in the cylindrical number indicates a change in the shape of your cornea. It is true that wearing contact lenses for a prolonged period of time affects the shape of your cornea. However, this will happen over a period of many years. There are adverse complications in people’s visions. If you have not gotten tested in a long time, it is high time that you do. Not just for the sake of the Lasik eye surgery but also because eyesight does deteriorate over time. 

While you should consult with people who have gotten this procedure done and get to know their experience, you have to understand that that may not be the route for you. More importantly, you may want to go to another clinic to get the surgery done. This myriad of reasons can affect why your procedure may not be the same as some other person. Any complications or side effects with this procedure are extremely rare and will not occur out of the blue. This is why you have to go to a trusted doctor and medical team with years of experience. They know exactly how to deal with different cases. No case is the same for them and each case is treated as a priority.